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Home Kostenlose Software Kommandozeilen-Programme FindDuplicates - Find duplicate files
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Home Kostenlose Software Kommandozeilen-Programme FindDuplicates - Find duplicate files
English (United Kingdom)French (Fr)Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)
FindDuplicates - Find duplicate files E-Mail
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Kostenlose Software - Kommandozeilen-Programme
Geschrieben von: Thomas   
Dienstag, 10. Februar 2009 um 18:34 Uhr
FindDuplicates - Find duplicate files
Using FindDuplicates
Command line parameters
Release notes
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FindDuplicates is a command line utility to find duplicate files in one or several paths on a computer.

Optionally, it can move duplicate files to the recycle bin or remove them permanently. (Use at your own risk!)

FindDuplicates [path] [/option(s)]
FindDuplicates [path1] [path2] [pathn] [/option(s)]

/?      = Displays this help screen and exits with code 1.
/0      = Include files with 0 length.
/B      = Show file sizes to test.
/DD     = Delete all duplicates.
/NR     = Don't move files to the recycle bin.
/D      = List all directory names, not just the top one.
/E      = Only list files with 0 length.
/H      = Include hidden files.
/L      = List all read files.
/O      = Show the sorted file list.
/S      = Check subdirectories.
/T      = List files to test.
/V      = Verbose ('Comparing files...' etc).
/Q      = Quiet mode (overrides any other output parameter).
/Y      = Answer 'Do you want to delete...' questions quietly with 'Y'.

Messages and errors go to stdout, found duplicates go to stderr.
Quiet mode does not suppress stderr.

0 = No duplicates found.
1 = Missing or illegal parameter(s).
2 = Not enough memory.
3 = Folder not found.
5 = Duplicate files found.


FindDuplicates C:\Windows /S/Q
Scan subdirectories and use quiet mode.

FindDuplicates C:\Windows /S 2>Duplicates.txt
Saves all found duplicates in 'Duplicates.txt'.

FindDuplicates C:\Windows /S 2>dups.txt>out.txt
Duplicates in dups.txt, out.txt contains the log.

FindDuplicates C:\Windows /S/B 2>dups.txt>out.txt
Same but displays the file sizes to check.

FindDuplicates C:\Data1 C:\Data2 /S/V
Examines both folders in verbose mode.

Download FindDuplicates.exe (0.07 MiB = 68.0 KiB = 69,632 bytes)
Download (0.03 MiB = 33.7 KiB = 34,555 bytes)


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