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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Server configuration
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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Server configuration
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows
Written by Thomas   
Friday, 02 October 2009 19:53


This is going to be the online help for the server configuration of D3Server3. Work in progress.


In the meanwhile, have a look at Hosting co-op servers with correct settings. This article explains most server settings of the Descent 3 dedicated server tool D3Server3.

When you "add" a new server, or when you "edit" a new one, the D3Server3 Server configuration" window pop ups:


Server name (req.): Type a server name, this name will show in the game trackers. Try to avoid special characters.

D3Executable: Use "Descent 3" as executable. You may use "Pyro15" if you have Pyromania installed. Note that players will able to join your Pyro15 server using Vortex only if they have configured their Vortex to use Descent 3 version 1.5.

Mission name: Choose a mission accordingly to the game type you will choose.

Level: If the mission you chose has several levels, choose one of them, or use the "start random level" option.

Loop on/off: With loop on, the same level will restart after it is finished. With loop off, next level will start after the current one is finished.

Game type: Choose coop, or anarchy, or any game type you want, but note it has to fit with the mission.

Max. players: The maximum amount of players you want in your game. For coop games, this setting will be effective over 3 only if you are using the modified co-op.d3m file.

Num. teams: The number of teams you want to set for a team game type. Number cant be set to 1. The "Team options ..." button pops up the Teams options window. Tick Allow team changes if you want to let players change team during the game. Tick Auto balance team to let your server place the same amount of players in teams. With "Enable team damage" ticked, players can hit their teammates; this makes the game more realistic, but, in coop, it will work only with the modified co-op.d3m file.

Difficulty: Choose Trainee (easiest), Rookie, Hotshot, Ace or Insane (the most difficult).

Time limit (min): This is the time after which your server will stop the level, then restart it or start next level. If you set it to 0, there will be no time limit.

Kill goal (kills): The number of kills after which your server will stop the level (then restart it or start next level. This option is disabled in coop games.

Orbs to score:Those settings are used in Hoard game types and disabled in other game types.

Audio taunts: When ticked, players can let you hear their audio taunts. Specifie a Taunt delay (s) so the game wont be "spammed" with audio taunts.

Random respawn: When ticked, once a powerup is taken, the next one that will respawn at the same place may be a different type one. Do not tick for coop games, this may broke the gameplay if a specified powerup is needed for some script.

Min respawn (s) and Max respawn (s): Specify the delay between the moment where a powerup is taken and the moment where another one respawns at the same place.

Bright player ships: ???

The Ships... and Powerups... buttons pop up windows where you can allow or disallow ship types and powerup types.

Enable this server for autolaunch at startup: When ticked, your server will start when you start the servertool. Has to be ticked when using the servertool as a Window Service.

Msg. of the day: Type in the message players will see for a few seconds on their screen at the moment they join your game.

Server port (UDP): Choose a different port for each server, and make sure the  specified port is open in your firewall and your router. Dont use ports 2092 (used for the client if you want to join your server) and 2093 (may be used for Vortex).

Packets / second:

Frames / second:

Connection type: The only one you can use is Direct TCP/IP.

Connection model: Use Client/Server. Peer2peer may be used for some levels with shakers in anarchy game type. Permissable Client/Server ???

Server HUD names: Displays the player name near his ship on players screens. Choose None for anarchy, Team when teams are set, Full for some coop huge maps.

Kill message filter: With None, Descent 3 will choose a message and display it on players screens when a player dies. With Simple ???. With Full ???.

Admin access: Type in a password.

Last Updated on Sunday, 19 December 2010 14:44
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