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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Release notes - Earlier changes - December 2010 - February 2011
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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Release notes - Earlier changes - December 2010 - February 2011
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Release notes - Earlier changes - December 2010 - February 2011 E-mail
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows
Written by Thomas   
Saturday, 03 October 2009 13:34
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  • Version
  • The zip file doesn't contain the subfolder Release anymore. The files in this archive are now stored without path information. This change was made to the command line script Make_www_folder.cmd, which creates the packages.
  • Make_www_folder.cmd also copies the new installer for D3Server3 (D3Server3_Inst.exe) into the www folder.
  • Improved automatic update process.
  • New button in the configuration dialog window for the remote control options. The button "Copy to edit field" copies a selected list item back into the edit control to make changes easier. The button is greyed out if no list item is selected or if more than one items are selected.
  • The listbox with the auto-commands in the configuration dialog window for the remote control options now displays a horizontal scrollbar if one item in the listbox exceeds its window width.
  • A few controls in the configuration dialog window for the remote control options were misaligned by one or two pixels.
  • The event listbox in D3Server3's main window now has a horizontal scrollbar when required. This feature has been requested for a long time already and got now finally implemented. The listbox can only hold up to 800 events, hence the scrollbar may disappear after some time. It'll show up again when the width of one list item exceeds the box's horizontal limit.
  • Main window: Columns in the listbox for the servers' status adjusted. Longer server names are now still readable without requiring a horizontal scrollbar immediately.
  • Tooltip for "Bright player ships" in the server configuration dialog window extended.
  • When D3Server3 could not find a dedicated Descent 3 server at startup, although this server had been running before the tool was shut down, it could have taken up to several minutes before the server was started automatically. It would also not appear in the main server list for several minutes. This was to avoid system congestion directly after a system restart but led to confusions on whether the server would eventually start up automatically or not. Servers that had been running before are now started again almost instantly (15 seconds cycle time) when D3Server3 is started.
  • Bug fix: When D3Server3 created its configuration files from scratch, the URIs for banned nicknames and denied hosts were mixed up. If this version finds out that the URIs are the wrong way round, it places them in the correct order. This can also be fixed by clicking on the "Reset URI" buttons in the anti-cheat configuration window in previous versions of D3Server3.
  • Minor changes to the installation (setup) script.
  • The installer is built with the latest version of Inno Setup. The previous version would not have been able to update the software when it ran as a Windows service.
  • Again minor code cleanup in several source code files.




  • Version
  • D3Server3 doesn't use a mutex anymore to block consecutive invocations. It still creates mutexes, but they are unique to the running software now. The mutex is now only used for automatic updates.
  • The software can now run from different directories without blocking each other. Each instance must have its own configuration files.
  • When the dialog box to select the Descent 3 main folder is opened, the current Descent 3 folder is now preselected. Previous versions defaulted to a path in the user's home directory instead of the already configured Descent 3 base directory.
  • The dialog box to select the Descent 3 main folder does not suggest to restart D3Server3 anymore, if the previously used Descent 3 main folder is identical to the newly selected one.
  • Descent 3's base directory is not read from the registry anymore. Beginning with this version of D3Server3, the software stores the game's main folder in an ini file (D3Server3.ini). This now allows to run D3Server3 from different directories with different config files and of course with different Descent 3 installations, if required.
  • Since several instances of D3Server3 can now run from different directories, the tooltip for the global Logtext setting needed to be updated. This setting applies to all instances of the server tool, regardles of from which folder the software has been started.
  • Typo in the dialog window for anti-cheat options fixed.
  • Bug fix: When more than one server had been selected in the server configurations selector and Start was pressed, only one server started up and the others remained in the stopped stage infinitely.
  • Columns in the server configurations dialog window and the server selection dialog window adjusted. Longer server names were not displayed very nicely before.
  • D3Server3 now remembers its last window position. If the software would be too far off the screen (desktop), it is moved towards the center of the screen by several hundred pixels (500 horizontally and 300 vertically). The window position is reset when parts of it exceed the top or the left side of the desktop.
  • Responsiveness of the main window slightly increased (~ 250 ms per minute).
  • Port check for RemoteInfoServer removed. The RemoteInfoServer has never been implemented fully in D3Server3 but caused the tool to hang when a server was started on port 2090. The RemoteInfoServer was "hard-wired" to port 2090, and if a server was configured for the same port, D3Server3 froze.
  • One of the previous versions of D3Server3 broke the ability to host dedicated servers for the Pyromania and the Black Pyro Justice mods. This is now fixed again.
  • Several tooltips in the global options updated and corrected.
  • Typo in update URI corrected. This has and never had any influence on automatic updates.
  • References to ole32.dll removed. D3Server3 doesn't make use of this library. There must be still something left, because the linker throws a warning.
  • The tool now also remembers the window position of the server configurations dialog window. It takes care of when the window would disappear from the desktop. The window's position is stored in the configuration file D3Server3.ini as absolute position values. That means the position is not relative to D3Server3's main window.
  • Script Make_www_folder.cmd changed so that it also removes zip files that remained from testing.
  • The script Make_www_folder.cmd now performs more cleanup tasks, for example removes more remaining cfg folders than before.
  • The www folder now always contains a copy of Readme_Thomas.txt (this file). This file is copied in by Make_www_folder.cmd.
  • Minor code cleanup in several source files.
  • Text "TCP/IP" in several locations changed to "UDP". Descent 3 games are not using TCP/IP. Network games use UDP instead.
  • Tooltips for the server statistics slightly extended. There's lots of other tooltips left that should be more explicit in what they actually do, but they will have to wait until another version of D3Server3.
  • New version of Logtext (1.7.4). The DLL and the executable calculated the year numbers wrongly when weekly logging was activated, which is the default for D3Server3. For today (2011-01-02), previous versions made that 2011-W52 instead of 2010-W52. Logtext is not (yet) automatically updated when D3Server3 is updated, because it wasn't part of D3Server3.exe.
  • The copyright year changed to 2011 (2000 - 2011).
  • The automatic update function failed when the working directory (current directory) is not identical to the folder where D3Server3.exe resides. The new update function that uses an installation program doesn't have this issue anymore. The old update function won't be fixed, as there are not many users left that need it, and because the likelihood of the bug to show up is very slim. It's been in D3Server3 since the beginning.
  • Beginning with D3Server3 version, the automatic update function doesn't download the executable file anymore. This and newer versions download and invoke an installation program instead. The installer can update any file that comes with D3Server3 and even take care of an installed and/or running service.



  • Version
  • Bug fix: The scheduler didn't work if no selective server existed.
  • Bug fix: Transferring the cfg folder to a different computer with a different Descent 3 main folder still didn't work properly.
  • Server events implemented. It is now possible to execute applications on particular server events. If "%COMSPEC% /C" is used, batch files can also be invoked.
  • Bug fix on multi-CPU machines: The remote console thread and the main dialog window thread could interfere with each other when trying to write an event in a logfile. This caused an access violation and D3Server3 crashed.
  • The default ECHO setting in logtext.ini changed to ECHO=TRUE. When D3Server3 was installed as a Windows service, the ECHO=FALSE ini value prevented the application ServiceExe from coming back with a successful installation message.



  • Version
  • The drop-down listbox for the level to be hosted in the server configuration dialog window now allows the server tool to select a random level, if the function is selected. D3Server3 picks this random level whenever the dedicated server is started.
  • Tooltip for the level name drop-down listebox in the server configuration dialog window extended with some information about the new function for random level selection.
  • Some minor code clean-up and more comments added.
  • Again a few typos in the tooltips fixed.
  • Some minor changes to the batch file that creates the www folder out of D3Server3's source code (Make_www_folder.cmd).
  • Links for the online-help corrected. The previous links read "Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windws" instead of "Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows". There was an "o" missing in "Windows".
  • The start and stop times for selective servers increased to 90 seconds.
  • 4 new source files included. They are required to implement Ryujin's wish for creating processes on particular (server) events.
  • Preparation for an installation program. One of the next versions will make use of it.


Info about version

  • Beta version has not been turned into an "official" version.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 October 2014 13:15
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