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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Release notes - Earlier changes - June 2010 - October 2010
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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Release notes - Earlier changes - June 2010 - October 2010
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Release notes - Earlier changes - June 2010 - October 2010 E-mail
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows
Written by Thomas   
Saturday, 03 October 2009 13:34
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  • Version
  • The server configurations got lost when Descent 3's "BaseDirectoy" registry entry was missing or if it pointed to a folder that didn't contain the game. Now D3Server3 terminates immediately if the correct directory hasn't been selected.



  • Version
  • The software's name has now fully changed to "D3Server3" instead of "D3Server". Actually, the only place where the old name was still used was the resource file, which is responsible for displaying the executable file's version information in Windows. Before, the internal name was D3Server3 and the "official" name was D3Server.
  • Although not fully implemented yet, the software has been prepared to automatically update logtext.dll and ServiceExe.exe too, when a new version of D3Server3 is downloaded. The final automatic update function for these files will go in one of the next versions of D3Server3 when ServiceExe can be identified properly by the tool (which is currently still not the case).
  • The source code files ServiceExeControl.c and ServiceExeControl.h missing in version are now included in the source code package. After downloading the source code, the server tool can be built again with Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003 and newer versions.
  • Auto update URI changed. It's actually still the same URI ( but its link is now more readable.
  • Browser identification string of D3Server3 has changed. This is used for the update check. The new string contains two more version numbers ("D3Server3/" instead of just "D3Server3/3.0").
  • Browser identification string of D3Server3 has been extended by the name of the operating system including build number.
  • Progress bar when the Descent 3 files are examined changed to "Initializing D3Server3".



  • Version
  • The communication with ServiceExe has been improved when D3Server3 is running as a Windows service.
  • Bug fix: When the server tool was running as a Windows service, the service wrapper application ServiceExe could not retrieve D3Server3's process handle correctly after an automatic restart.
  • Extensive automatic restart tests and several minor improvements.
  • Two additional source code files added (msnprintf.c and ServiceExeControl.c). Since these files are currently not yet in the source code folder, D3Server3 cannot be built anymore by just downloading the source code. One of the next releases will include these files.
  • Tooltip for the server HUD names in the server configuration dialog window extended. The text has been "borrowed" from Descent 3's manual.
  • Opening a dedicated server's process changed to avoid the flag PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS in the OpenProcess () function calls. This flag would cause the software to fail when compiled/built on later versions of Windows than Windows XP.
  • Text "Loading server infos" changed to "Loading server data". This text appears in a progress bar window when D3Server3 starts up.
  • Bug fix: Previous versions of D3Server3 could accidentally try to control the wrong process, which didn't have to be a dedicated server process. Although very unlikely (Windows 2000 supports more than 65000 processes), it was possible that the server tool tried to control and shut down important system processes or other applications. This has now been restricted to processes with the name MAIN.EXE (Descent 3).
  • Two additional source code files added (mstring.c and GetWindowsErrorText.c). One of the files is for string handling in C and the other one to format Windows error text messages.
  • Bug fix when D3Server3 runs as a Windows service. The application (not the service) couldn't open the dedicated server processes due to access permissions when the server processes ran in the system security context (Localsystem account), which is the default for Windows services. D3Server3 now requests debugging privileges before accessing server process handles.
  • Additional error message in the application's main log list if D3Server3 cannot open an existing Descent 3 dedicated server process.
  • Additional messages in the main log file to indicate that a previous instance of D3Server3 is already running and that the current instance is going to terminate. These lines are only written to the main log file if logging in the global options has been enabled.
  • D3Server3 now creates a new file in the cfg folder: PID.dat. This file contains the process ID of the currently active instance of the server tool (D3Server3.exe). The file is used for the communication with ServiceExe after a restart of D3Server3.
  • Windows 7 has broken the detection of a previous instance when the previous instance is running as a Windows service. The reason for this is that Windows 7 can't find mutexes created in the contect of other user accounts. If a global mutex is used, Windows XP can't find the mutex. This has been solved by blocking the PID file ("cfg\PID.dat") for consecutive write operations while the D3Server3 process is running.
  • The default locations for creating the cfg (config) and log folders has changed. Previous versions of D3Server3 created these directories in the current working directory, which did not necessarily have to be the executable's folder. Now the cfg and log directories are always created in the executable file's folder. If you'd like to invoke D3Server3 with different cfg and log folders, copy the executable file too. The behaviour of previous versions could have caused server tool crashes when config files were used that belonged to a different version of D3Server3.
  • Some typos in tooltips corrected.
  • The default setting for the kill message filter has changed from "None" to "Full".
  • Several tooltips in the remote console options extended.
  • Several tooltips in the server configuration dialog window extended.



  • Version
  • Button "Remove nickname" in the anti-cheat configuration dialog renamed to "Remove nickname(s)", because it can be used to remove more than one nickname from the list. The tooltip for the list and the button explain how.
  • Some erroneous code comments corrected to avoid that we stumble over them again later. Kiss
  • The package now comes with ServiceExe and a default configuration file to run D3Server3 as a Windows service.



  • Version
  • New popup menu entry "Copy d3://ip:port (" in the server list control. This copies a d3:// link containing the server port and the local host's IP address ( to the clipboard. By using the Direct IP Launcher it's now only a couple of mouse clicks to join a dedicated server hosted on the same computer.
  • Tooltip for the email address for the game tracker in the global options changed.
  • Game posting to disabled.
  • The phrase "can not" changed to "cannot" in several messages.
  • Some tooltip texts corrected.
  • This version creates the file netgames\hosts.deny if it doesn't exist and if the global anti-cheat option is used. Previous versions of D3Server3 just threw an error that the file cannot be read.
  • The message for when the file netgames\hosts.deny has been updated now contains the information where the file can be found and that entire IP address ranges may also be used.
  • Previous versions of D3Server3 always left a netgames\hosts.deny read-only. This version leaves the file writable and removes all other attributes if overwritten/added to.
  • The default settings for "Remove previous hosts.deny entries on updates" (banned IP addresses and ranges) and "Remove previous entries on updates" (banned nicknames) have changed. They are now ticked if the anti-cheat options have never been used before.
  • Flat buttons in the anti-cheat dialog changed to 3D buttons.
  • Addtional buttons to reset the donwload (update) URIs for the file hosts.deny and banned player nicknames in the anti-cheat configuration window (global options). If someone had changed one of these values accidentally, they can now easily retrieve the default settings.
  • Layout of the anti-cheat configuration window changed to make it more logical. The hosts.deny part, for instance, now has a group on its own.
  • Additonal button in the anti-cheat configuration window to delete the local copy of the file hosts.deny. If the file is not deleted manually, it would stay on the system forever and cause the Descent 3 dedicated servers to use it.



  • Version
  • Bug fix: *.msn files found in Descent 3's main folder were deleted regardless of their read-only flag. These files are preferably placed there by server operators to provide download links for missions that don't contain any themselves or that contain broken download links.
  • New feature: In the configuration dialog for "Console and logging" are some more options to repeat auto commands frequently. This was a suggestion from Machete_Bug to be able to show regular automatic announcements.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 October 2014 13:15
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