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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Release notes - Earlier changes - January 2010
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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Release notes - Earlier changes - January 2010
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Release notes - Earlier changes - January 2010 E-mail
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows
Written by Thomas   
Saturday, 03 October 2009 13:34
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  • Version (This version was only published to some beta testers.)
  • The command $playerinfo which may cause the D3 server to crash with more than 10 players in a game is now only sent after at least one $players command had been sent by D3Server3. The previous behaviour could still have caused crashes after a level change or when the server tool was restarted. The downside of the new behaviour is that players need to be in the server for at least 60 seconds before their details (name and IP address) can be picked up.



  • Version (This version was only published to some beta testers.)
  • When more than 6 (recognised) players are in a game the player names and their IP addresses of any new player are retrieved by evaluating the "connection activity" and the "has joined" message from the Descent 3 server.



  • Version (This version was only published to some beta testers.)
  • Again some tooltips updated.
  • The remote console command $playerinfo is only sent to the dedicated server when less than 6 players are in a game. This should avoid Descent 3 server crashes by reliefing the server's remote console.



  • Version
  • The PXO server status in the main window had always shown 'Static' for 'User tracker', 'Game tracker', and 'IRC server'. That's the default text for a static control created with Microsoft Visual Studio. Since PXO has been offline for quite some time, I've now changed these texts to 'Offline', which seems to be more appropriate. In theory, the space of this control group in the main window could probably be used for something more important later.
  • Additional message in the event log listbox to inform from where new versions can be downloaded. This is all still a bit dodgy, since the move of the software from DE_Hunter's page to Dateiliste has not been completed yet as long as the new version(s) of D3Server3 are still in the beta phase.
  • Some spelling errors fixed.
  • Tooltips for the schedule options added.
  • URI for the online help of the remote control options has changed. The window is now called "Console and Logging".
  • Dialog window "D3Server3 Server Configurations" renamed to "D3Server3 Server Configurations Selector", because this describes more accurately what it's actually for. At the same time this distinguishes it more from the dialog window "D3Server3 Server Configuration", which is used to configure the dedicated servers. Link to the window's online help at Dateiliste updated.
  • The button Launch in the D3Server3 Server Configurations Selector dialog window has been renamed to Start. Now the process of starting and stopping servers is called "start" and "stop" respectively throughout the software. There's still a description missing for the state a selective server can be in when asleep (or paused?).
  • Keyboard accelerators added to the buttons in the dialog window D3Server3 Server Configurations Selector.



  • Version
  • A new button in the main window added to stop all servers that don't have players in them.
  • A new button in the main window added to stop all empty servers and then exit D3Server3. This function leaves Descent 3 servers running that have players before the program exits. When the software is started next time it will pick up and carry on controlling these servers.
  • The global option to check for updates was called "Check for updates on program start". This was actually wrong, because the server tool did not only check for updates when it was started but also every 12 hours. The setting's text and the tooltip have now been altered to explain better what the function does.
  • Several tooltips updated/changed.
  • All main window buttons are now 3-dimensional to highlight them as buttons.



  • Version
  • Several tooltips added and corrected (mainly in the anti cheat options).
  • Quit messages to end a level from the D3Server3 or any other source (like admin or remote console) are now logged in the server log file when the full log is on (server configuration window, "Console and logging").


Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 October 2014 13:15
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