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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Release notes - Earlier changes - December 2013
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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Release notes - Earlier changes - December 2013
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Release notes - Earlier changes - December 2013 E-mail
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows
Written by Thomas   
Saturday, 03 October 2009 13:34
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  • Version
  • Bug fix when checking for beta updates. If the beta version number and the release version number on D3Server3's update webpage (the release notes) were identical, the software would not update automatically when DownloadAndInstallBetas in D3Server3.ini (section [GlobalOptions]) was set to 0. The software now ignores a beta check once it determined that an update should be downloaded and installed due to different major or minor version numbers.
  • In the server configuration dialog window, the name of the checkbox "Allow game tracker" has been renamed to "Allow game tracker(s)". Since D3Server3 supports more than one game tracker with this configuration setting, its new name seems more accurate and understandable.
  • The online help page for the Game Tracker Options has been updated. There is now a new page that explains how to update the game tracker list for existing servers.
  • New popup menu entry in the list that contains the started servers (D3Server3's main dialog window). The new menu entry is called "Stop empty server(s)" and has the same functionality as the button "Stop empty server(s)" in the main window. It only stopps servers that currently do not have players.
  • New popup menu entry separator between the entries for stopping and restarting servers. Without that separator the popup menu looked a bit crowded.
  • The buttons "Stop server(s)", "Stop all servers", and "Stop all empty servers" in D3Server3's main dialog window were sometimes available, although no server had been selected, or no server had been started at all. Beginning with this version of the server tool, the buttons are now interactively enabled and disabled, depending on whether they can be used or not. Some of these changes had worked already in previous versions of D3Server3, others had not.
  • When the popup menu of the server list control had been used to start new servers it was easily possible that the popup menu entry "Stop server(s)" had been selected accidentally. There is now a new separator between the popup menu item "Start server(s)" and "Stop server(s)" to avoid this in the future.
  • Source code package: A new commandline script has been added (CopyFilesToDebugAndRelease.cmd). The script replaced the file CopyProfanityList.cmd and is used to spread several files from the source code's main folder to the Debug and the Release directories.
  • The file CreateDownloadURLs.cmd in the source code package has been changed to reflect the new mechanism for the automatic correction of mission download links.
  • The file DownloadURLs.txt now has some text on the top to let the reader know that the file is currently not used by D3Server3. It's purpose is going to change in future versions of the tool.
  • New file DownloadURIs.dat. This file contains some download links for mission files. When the key CorrectDownloadURIs in section [GlobalOptions] of the file D3Server3.ini has the value 1, this file is used to correct the download links of Descent missions. The key CorrectDownloadURIs=1 takes precedence over the setting CorrectDownloadURLs=1 within the same section of the configuration file D3Server3.ini. The behaviour and priority of these settings might change in future versions of D3Server3. The reason why it has been implemented like this is because Do_Checkor's Download Link Surgery 2007 does nothing but uses the links for all missions that are now provided within the file DownloadURIs.dat. Since the filename might change in future versions of the server tool, and because the links are maintained globally, it is not recommended to edit this file.
  • New key AmountDownloadLinksToCorrect in section [GlobalOptions] of the file D3Server3.ini. The value of this key defaults to 4. It provides the amount of download links D3Server3 corrects. A default value of 4 has been picked because Descent 3 only supports 5 download links altogether, leaving the fifth link for the original level author's first download link in the list.
  • The behaviour of the popup menu in the event listbox has changed. If no item (line) had been selected, previous versions of D3Server3 showed the popup menu regardles. The only option in this menu was "Copy". After clicking on "Copy" a message box containing the error "No items selected" was displayed. This version of D3Server3 does not open the popup menu in the event listbox if no item has been selected, thus the message box with the error has been removed entirely.
  • The popup menu in the event listbox contains several new items to copy to the clipboard if the selected text allows for it, i.e. contains the information required. "Copy server UDP port" copies a dedicated server's UDP port to the Windows clipboard. "Copy server PID" copies the Windows process ID of a dedicated server's process (main.exe or what's currently used) to the clipboard. "Copy player name" copies a player's name. "Copy IP address" copies a player's IP address to the clipboard. These menu items are only available if the selected text contains clues for this information. The information that can be copied to the clipboard is found in double quotation marks (") in the popup menu items.
  • Source code: The commandline script Make_www_folder.cmd has been extended by an additional error message when the www folder could not be deleted.



  • Version
  • Source code package: The files Zombies.c and Zombies.h have been renamed to Orphans.c and Orphans.h. Dedicated Descent 3 server processes that D3Server3 has lost for whatever reason are called orphans, not zombies.
  • D3Server3 now tries to remove (terminate) orphaned dedicated Descent 3 server processes when the tool is started.
  • New key TerminateOrphanedServers in section [DedicatedServers] in the file D3Server3.ini. If TerminateOrphanedServers=1 D3Server3 tries to terminate orphaned dedicated Descent 3 server processes when the tool is started. TerminateOrphanedServers=0 disables this function. The default is TerminateOrphanedServers=1 if the key does not exist. The installation program creates this key with a value of 1 (TerminateOrphanedServers=1).
  • Bug fix: The pop-up menu entry "Restart server(s)" in the server list control did not restart servers if they had been played. Although the messages were different for "Restart server(s)" and "Restart empty server(s)", their functionality had actually been the same. Now "Restart empty server(s)" only restarts servers without players and "Restart server(s)" restarts servers regardless of whether they have players or not. Do_Checkor reported this bug after he was trying to use the function unsuccessfully to restart one of his BOZ servers, which always has players playing (the BOZ players).
  • Minor code optimisation to remove the .lock file in a dedicated server's temporary directory.
  • Minor data optimisations in regards to duplicate character strings in the final executable module D3Server3.exe.
  • Bug fix: When the key CorrectDownloadURLs in the section [GlobalOptions] of the file D3Server3.ini is set to 1 (CorrectDownloadURLs=1) D3Server3 uses the corrected download links from Do_Checkor's download link surgery, which is included in the D3Server3 package. If there are download links found that can be corrected, the software adds these found download links to the msn file again every time a server was restarted. Although it had no impact on the dedicated Descent 3 servers directly, this lead to very big .msn files over a long time period. The files were restored to their normal sizes when a server stopped. This version of D3Server3 fixes the bug and only adds the corrected download links to the .msn file when the Descent 3 dedicated server is started for the first time. The file then stays the same during the lifetime of the dedicated server. That's how the setting CorrectDownloadURLs=1 is intended to work. CorrectDownloadURLs=1 is the default value created by D3Server3's installation program, hence the bug affected all servers that used previous versions of the tool beginning from version
  • The text file BuildingD3Server3.txt has been updated.
  • Coolchris's new game tracker at has been added to the default game trackers. In order to activate the tracker, open a dedicated server's configuration, click on "Tracker options", then press the "Default" button to reset the list with the default trackers. This adds the new game tracker to the list.
  • Previous versions of D3Server3 could be closed (exited) by pressing the ESC key in the application's main window. I think this is inconvenient behaviour. This version of D3Server3 now ignores the ESC key inside the main dialog window. To exit D3Server3, either click on any of the Exit buttons or press the default Windows key combination to close windows (Alt-F4).
  • New variable $ServerToolID that can be used with the server events. The variable is substituted with the value of the key ServerToolID in the [GlobalOptions] section within the configuration file D3Server3.ini. The variable can be used to identify a particular running D3Server3 instance if more than one copy is installed. This is only possible when ServerToolID is set to a unique name within each instance's D3Server3.ini file. The ID is also used to create the dedicated servers' temporary folders within the Descent 3 directory.
  • The colon (":"), the asterisk ("*"), the question mark ("?"), and the pipe character ("|") have been added to the list of characters that are considered unsafe for batch files. D3Server3 can remove these unsafe characters from server event variables when MakeCommandsBatchSafe is set to 1 (MakeCommandsBatchSafe=1) in section [General] of the server events configuration file ServerEvents.ini. Since all unsafe characters are also removed from the server tool ID in D3Server3, this also affects that setting. However, a server tool ID is not used by default.
  • An error message in a message box regarding PXO removed. PXO doesn't exist anymore, hence there's no need to pull up a message box. The error message is now stored in D3Server3's main logfile without requiring user interaction.
  • The profanity list has been extended by some more contributions from players of the piloting community. Thanks everyone for participating!


Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 October 2014 13:15
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