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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Release notes - Earlier changes - May 2013
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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Release notes - Earlier changes - May 2013
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Release notes - Earlier changes - May 2013 E-mail
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows
Written by Thomas   
Saturday, 03 October 2009 13:34
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  • Version
  • Some typos in the file ReadMe.txt corrected.
  • D3Server3's browser string was not set correctly in previous versions. The string is used for update checks and to obtain the public IP address.
  • Major bug fix: When switching to UseSmartHostsDeny=1 and there was no previous hosts.deny file inside the cfg folder it was possible that D3Server3 could accidentally move the contents of the entire Descent 3 directory into a folder called \cfg\hosts.deny.



  • Version
  • The file D3Server3.upd removed from the source code package. It was used for update checks in very early versions of the server tool.
  • Earlier versions of D3Server3 provided the option to start dedicated servers minimized alternatively. Beginning with this version of D3Server3 it is possible to start servers minimized, hidden, and maximized. How the windows of dedicated servers are shown relies on an entry in the ini file D3Server3.ini. If the key ShowWindow in the section DedicatedServers has a value of HIDDEN new dedicated servers are started hidden. If its value is MINIMIZED D3Server3's behaviour is identical to how it was before when that option was ticked in the global options. When ShowWindow=MAXIMIZED new dedicated server windows fill up the entire screen. The display state of server windows can be changed by right-clicking on a server in the dedicated server list in D3Server3's main window.
  • Dialog window for the global options updated to reflect the changes regarding the display (show) options of dedicated servers. A tooltip with an explanation of all the new window display options has been added to the new combobox control.
  • Several tooltip texts changed/improved, in particular the one for the new display (startup) options in the global options dialog window and the server status listbox.
  • The buttons Add, Import, Edit, Copy, and Remove in the server configuration list are now in 3D too.
  • The key name in the configuration file D3Server3.ini for the smart hosts.deny file function has changed. When this feature is on D3Server3 removes the file hosts.deny from the D3 directory (netgames) and places it in the cfg folder of the tool during the automatic hosts.deny download. When a server is then started D3Server3 monitors the players' IP addresses and kicks any player whose IP address is within the IP range specified in the file hosts.deny. The benefit of this is that players coming from banned IPs or IP ranges now show up in the server logfiles. If an IP is banned with the file \netgames\hosts.deny, like in earlier versions of D3Server3, no entry in the logfile is created when a player from a banned IP address tries to join a Descent 3 dedicated server. The previous key name was SmartHostsDenyFile. The key's new name is UseSmartHostsDeny. The key UseSmartHostsDeny in the [GlobalOptions] of D3Server3.ini switches between the real hosts.deny file and the smart hosts.deny. Set UseSmartHostsDeny=0 to keep the standard hosts.deny file. By default UseSmartHostsDeny is set to 1. D3Server3 removes the old key from the ini file at runtime.
  • The file Readme_Thomas.txt has been renamed to ReadMe.txt. The previous ReadMe.txt file from (DE)Hunter is now again included in the package. Its new filename is ReadMe_old.txt.
  • The installation date is stored in the file cfg\DynSettings.ini in the section [Install] as InstallationDate. The data is written by the installation program.
  • The date of the most recent update is stored in the file cfg\DynSettings.ini in section [Install] as key MostRecentUpdateDate. The information is written by the installation program.
  • The version of D3Server3 installed is stored in cfg\DynSettings.ini in section [Install] as key InstalledVersion. Since this information is stored by the installer the key's value would not change if an older version of D3Server3 has been copied over a more recent version.
  • Previous versions of the server tool stored dynamic information in the file D3Server3.ini. From this version on D3Server3 stores dynamic (or run-time) information in the file cfg\DynSettings.ini. Now users (server operators) can change settings in D3Server3.ini without interfering normal operation of the server tool.
  • The Windows process ID of the currently running instance of D3Server3 is now stored in the new ini file for dynamic information (cfg\DynSettings.ini). The section name has changed to RuntimeOptions. It used to be the section GlobalOptions in previous versions of the server tool.
  • D3Server3's main window position is now stored in the file cfg\DynSettings.ini. The section name of the position information has changed from Window to MainWindow. This may make it easier to identify in the future and seems less confusing.
  • The same goes for the server config selection dialog window's position. This information too is now stored in cfg\DynSettings.ini. The section name has changed from ServerConfigsDialog to SelectConfigsDialog. The previous section name had never been accurate because there really is another dialog window with this name already.
  • The Window position of D3Server3's main window is now only stored in cfg\DynSettings.ini if it is not identical to the standard position. This can save a few milliseconds when the dialog is closed.
  • The server configuration selection dialog window now shows the same behaviour as the main window. The window position is only written to the configuration file cfg\DynSettings.ini when it has changed. This closes the window a wee bit quicker if its position hasn't changed.
  • Minor bug fix: The menu item "Show server window(s)" of the popup menu within the server status listbox didn't bring the server window(s) to the top.
  • Bug fix: Several popup menu items in the server status listbox didn't use the correct selected item(s). The issue was noticed during the implementation of the server control panel dialog window.
  • The server configuration selector window's button "Remove" has been renamed to "Delete". This probably makes it clearer on what the button actually does.
  • The same applies to the popup menu in the server configuration list. The item "Remove server configuration" has been renamed to "Delete server configuration". Now the text in the confirmation dialog window and the names in the popup menu and the selection dialog window are identical again.
  • Two new buttons in the About dialog window to reach the forums easier. Both buttons also have a tooltip help text.
  • For the server events, the variables $ServerPort and $PortNumber had been replaced with the port number read from the file ServerEvents.ini. This port number is -1 for the Default keys. D3Server3 now substitutes the variables with the correct port number of the server that triggered the event.
  • The text when banned nicknames are added to the banned nicknames list has changed. Before it said "Added xy...", now it says "xy added...".  Earlier versions also referred to IP addresses although they literally meant nicknames.
  • In addition to the popup menu item "Copy d3://ip:port" for localhost ( when a server is running, the private server IP address can now also be copied to the clipboard. Note that this is not the public IP address, which might differ if the server is hosted in a private network behind a router.
  • The tooltip in the server list control box needed minor corrections.
  • The static control "Network address" in D3Server3's main window shows two different IP addresses if the private and the public IPs are not identical. The IP address in brackets is the public IP address. The software now also checks if an IP address is in one of the private IP address ranges. If it is it tries to retrieve the public one.
  • D3Server3 now "calls home" to or (or to or to check if the private and the public IP addresses are identical. The check fails if D3Server3 cannot at least access one of the sites in question, for example because the access has been blocked by a firewall or the internet is not reachable for any other reason. What D3Server3 does exactly is meticulously logged in the tool's main logfile.
  • The popup menu item "Copy d3://ip:port (public)" has been added to the server list control. This copies the d3:// part to the Windows clipboard by providing the server's public IP address. After D3Server3 starts it may take a few seconds before this function is available. D3Server3 checks the public IP address very infrequently, meaning that if the address changes the tool would not notice this instantly.
  • The installer creates two more entries in the [GlobalOptions] section of the file D3Server3.ini. The first one, CheckForPublicIP, switches the public IP check on or off. CheckForPublicIP=0 turns the check off and CheckForPublicIP=1 enables it. When the key does not exist checking of the public IP is disabled. The second key is PauseForPublicIPCheckMinutes, which specifies the amount of minutes to wait before the test for a public IP address is initiated again. The default value tells D3Server3 to check every 60 minutes.
  • Ryujin's tracker at added. This only applies to new servers but with the new "Default" button in the tracker options (see below) it's a pretty simple to add this tracker to existing servers too.
  • When in previous versions of D3Server3 in the dialog window for the game tracker options one or more trackers had been deleted and the server OP wanted them back, they had to add these trackers manually again. This version of D3Server3 introduces a "Default" button to the tracker options dialog window. The button resets the contents of the list back to the default trackers. A little tooltip help is also available for this new button.
  • So far the message "D3Server3 shutdown" was the last event written to the main logfile. D3Server3 adds an additional empty line, which only contains a date and timestamp, to the logfile.
  • Several missing keys added to the file D3Server3.ini during the installation process. The key ProfanityAction describes the action(s) to be taken when profanity is used. ProfanityThreshold specifies a threshold value that causes the action to be taken when reached or exceeded. D3Server3 has been using these keys for some time already but they had not been created automatically.



Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 October 2014 13:15
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