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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Release notes - Earlier changes - May 2012 - December 2012
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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Release notes - Earlier changes - May 2012 - December 2012
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Release notes - Earlier changes - May 2012 - December 2012 E-mail
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows
Written by Thomas   
Saturday, 03 October 2009 13:34
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  • Version
  • The executable version of logtext.dll (logext.exe) is now part of the package. The software can make life easier with server event commandline scripts. The installation program of the previous version had already installed logtext.exe but it didn't make it into the zip archive.
  • Bug fix: D3Server3 could crash if a .msn file could not be generated for whatever reason.
  • Bug fix: D3Server3 would extract empty .msn files which resulted in the dedicated D3 server to claim that there's no dedicated server config file.
  • File Readme_Thomas.txt added to the installation package. It was included in the zip archive but not in the installer.



  • Version
  • Logging option for the server events implemented. The key LogEvents=TRUE in the [General] section of the file ServerEvents.ini turns logging of events on.
  • The buttons Ok and Cancel in the dialog window Console and Logging moved to the left side of the window.
  • Bitmap image for the tracker options dialog window added and some controls aligned.
  • Dialog window of the scheduler options slightly re-arranged and a group box added.
  • The scheduler dialog window now contains a bitmap of a hand with a wrist watch. Maybe a nicer image can be found later.
  • Two new server events added. The event OnServerManualStart is triggered when the start button in D3Server3's main dialog window is clicked. OnServerManualStop is triggered when one of the stop buttons are clicked ("Stop server(s)", "Stop all servers", "Stop all empty servers").
  • Some (wrong) comments from the file ServerEvents.ini in the Debug folder removed. The events there marked as non-functional have been implemented already.
  • New key "ProcessServerEvents" in the section [GlobalOptions] in the file D3Server3.ini. A value of 0 turns processing of the ServerEvents.ini file off. If the key doesn't exist or its value is 1 server events are processed.
  • Some source code cleanup in GamePosting.cpp.
  • Settings for update check, automatic download of updates, and automatic start of servers when D3Server3 starts up placed in the ini file. The values in the object store are ignored once they have been written into the ini file. The benefit of this is that they can now be edited outside of D3Server3, by for instance using a text editor to alter the file D3Server3.ini.
  • Bug fix: D3Server3 tried to remove its own executable file instead of a temporary update file. This failed because the application was running.
  • Server event OnD3Server3Start implemented. The event is triggered when D3Server3 starts up.
  • Some missions contain duplicate objects. One example is Descent: First Strike. It contains an object with the name PyroGL.oof and one with the name PyroGL.OOF. When the objects are extracted, previous versions of D3Server 3 used the last found object in the hog file (.mn3) and overwrote the previous object file. This version now only extracts the first found object. I believe this is what the game assumes. In case it turns out the game uses the last found object this can easily changed later. Right now it was only important to have the extraction and removal messages identical. It looked a bit odd when the server tool claimed "10 objects extracted" when the server was started and later only said "9 objects removed" when the server was stopped.
  • Server Configurations Selector dialog window: The tooptip text for the Copy function now explains that new copies are inserted at the top of the list. I can't remember how many times I stumbled over this one before but because it's always been like this the behaviour probably shouldn't be changed. At least now the tooltip reminds us that the copies are not added at the bottom, which would be more natural.
  • The same goes for adding a new server configuration ("Add"). A new server is also inserted at the top of the list.
  • Removing (deleting) server configurations from the Server Configurations Selector dialog window is a permanent operation. There is now a key ConfirmServerConfigDeletion in the GlobalOptions section of the file D3Server3.ini that switches between the necessity to confirm a deletion (removal) and no confirmation at all. ConfirmServerConfigDeletion=0 is identical to the behaviour of previous versions of D3Server3. If the key ConfirmServerConfigDeletion is not found in the ini file, like after an upgrade from an earlier version of D3Server3 or if the key has been deleted, it defaults to ConfirmServerConfigDeletion=1. The installation program of D3Server3 adds ConfirmServerConfigDeletion=1 to the config file D3Server3.ini if the key doesn't exist.
  • Browser identification string of D3Server3 has been extended by the setting if updates are downloaded and installed automatically. This information can't be used at the moment but may provide a better insight on how many installations would directly be affected in case of fatal bugs/crashes after an automatic update.
  • An event log message when an msn file is deleted was missing. The event log is the message window at the bottom of D3Server3's main window.
  • A bug that had been present in all previous versions of the server tool allowed "Loop on" even for missions that only contain one level. The bug only showed up when playing around with different missions and "Loop on"/"Loop off".
  • File DownloadURLs.txt out of Do_Checkor's msn file collection created. A batch file is provided with the source code of D3Server3 for future updates.
  • D3Server3 can now extract or create msn files by using the file DownloadURLs.txt to provide corrected download links. The initial version of this file has been created from Do_Checkor's msn file collection.
  • New key CorrectDownloadURLs in the section GlobalOptions of the ini file D3Server3.ini. CorrectDownloadURLs=1 turns the correction of download URLs for hosted missions on. This is the default. The function has only an effect when the file DownloadURLs.txt exists in the folder where D3Server3.exe resides. CorrectDownloadURLs=0 turns the correction of download URLs off even if the file DownloadURLs.txt exists. The ini file key CorrectDownloadURLs in the section GlobalOptions is created by the installation program. D3Server3 does not create or change the value of this key.
  • Bug fix that caused a crash of the dedicated server on startup. When the bug appeared it was possible to just switch to another mission and then back to the original one again to solve the problem.
  • New big wizard image for the installation program (164 x 314 pixels). This is the image that shows on the left-hand side when the installer is executed. The original image shows the restaurant inside the Shenyang TV tower, China.






Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 October 2014 13:15
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