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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Release notes - Earlier changes - March 2012 - April 2012
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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Release notes - Earlier changes - March 2012 - April 2012
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Release notes - Earlier changes - March 2012 - April 2012 E-mail
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows
Written by Thomas   
Saturday, 03 October 2009 13:34
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  • Version
  • When the current working directory was not identical to the executable file's folder D3Server3 forgot to remove the temporary update files. The software now removes the temporary files from the program directory as well as from the current working directory.
  • Startup text "Determine network info" changed to "Retrieving network parameters".
  • Additional status message "Checking Descent 3 directory" to the startup progress bar window added. This is to give the user at least a clue why the server tool is asking for the Descent 3 folder.
  • If D3Server3's process ID (PID) had been reused by Windows after the software has terminated D3Server3 would refuse to start until either the PID file has been deleted or the process using this process ID terminated. D3Server3 now removes the PID file when it terminates to avoid this "deadlock".
  • Several messages regarding the automatic updates corrected.
  • Some previous versions of D3Server3 had the ini file key RunAsLocalSystem set to TRUE although this feature is still not supported. D3Server3 now checks if the previous version is less recent enough to contain this wrong ini value and sets it to FALSE if found. This prevents surprises later when the function has been fully implemented.
  • The timeout value for requesting update information increased from 2 seconds to 30 seconds. This results in fewer errors regarding updates.
  • After another complaint from Razour the code has been prepared for the class B networks blocked centrally via the automatic hosts.deny download feature to be removed when updated to this version of D3Server3. A macro definition allows for them to only be removed during this update or any future updates. Additional updates would then leave the hosts.deny file untouched. However, in version this feature is still disabled.
  • There is now a macro definition in the code that can be activated when required to avoid further complaints from players as well as server operators and confrontations with both parties. The function to automatically download and use a centralised hosts.deny file can be rendered non-operational. There is no visual indication if this function doesn't work anymore apart from the tooltip help that pops up when the mouse is moved over the checkbox's text field. D3Server3 versions compiled for no central hosts.deny file contain a paragraph starting with "Important information".
  • Some tooltip texts updated/corrected.
  • Additional error messages regarding automatic downloads.
  • The automatic update could be initiated even if a dialog window was open. This caused D3Server3 to close its main dailog window but not the other dialog windows. This version of D3Server3 does not try to update anymore when a dialog window is open.
  • The copyright year has been changed to 2012 (2000 - 2012).
  • The invocation of external applications initiated by the server events in the file ServerEvents.ini now supports additional options to show the applications' windows. The supported options are HIDE, MAXIMIZE, MINIMIZE, SHOWNOACTIVATE, and SHOWNORMAL. The latter one is the default value for ShowWindow (). See for a description of the parameter nCmdShow. Nate that the values must not be prepended with the "SW_" bit. SW_HIDE on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) must be HIDE (without "SW_") in the ServerEvents.ini file of D3Server3. The entry for ShowWindow can be found in the section [General].
  • The process IDs of dedicated servers are now in the main log listbox as well as in the logfile. Example from previous versions: "Server 2092: Launched - UDP.". Example now: "Server 2092: Launched - UDP (PID: 3512).".
  • Some missing tooltips in the powerup options dialog window added.
  • Code comments and missing history information added to some source code files.
  • The version of D3Server3 shipped with the Descent 3 installer from Dateiliste ( only updates the executable file D3Server3.exe. The current version of D3Server3 recognises an update from the version in the installer and suggests and optionally performs a full update. This process also works after updating from even earlier versions of D3Server3. The update/setup of replaces an older version of the DLL logtext.dll, which didn't count the week numbers correctly.
  • Tab order in the dialog window for the powerup options changed. This is the order in which window controls are selected when the TAB key is pressed. The behaviour of when the mouse is used has not changed.
  • The tab order in the dialog window Ship Options has been corrected.
  • The dialog window for the ship options now contains an image.
  • The tooltips in the dialog window Ship Options were missing.
  • The D3Server3 logo that's been in the "res" folder of D3Server3's source code for a long time (at least since March 2004) has been added to the "About" dialog. No idea if it was ever intended for that purpose but now it's there. ;)
  • Additional minor changes to the About dialog window.
  • The menu item "Start" in the popup menu of the server list inside the main window changed to "Start server(s)..." to reflect that this does the same as the button with the same name in the area above the list. The button "Stop" has also been renamed to "Stop server(s)".
  • The test that's carried out to only control real Descent 3 servers has been extended by the main_.exe process that's present when RestWinIcons is used.
  • When RestWinIcons is present, previous versions of D3Server3 used this software to start servers instead of the real Descent 3 main.exe process. RestWinIcons requires the main.exe file to be renamed to main_.exe, and this is what D3Server3 now uses when the file size of main.exe is less than 1500 * 1024 octets. RestWinIcons is smaller than this value. Future versions of the tool may use the version info found in the executable module to distinguish between Descent 3's main.exe and the executable file of RestWinIcons. There's currently no plan to use RestWinIcons for Pyromania but D3Server3 also supports this already. It checks for the ini file and reads the key for the real executable file from there. There's also a new entry in the main logfile when this happens.
  • Previous versions of D3Server3 could not find an instance of the tool's window that had been started earlier when it was minimized to the tray bar. This version finds D3Server3 even when it is minimized in the tray bar and opens this instance and brings it to the foreground (top of the Z order) when found.
  • The popup menu of the server list control (baically the status window for the dedicated servers) now contains three more entries. "Show server window(s)" restores the window of a dedicated server if it is not visible or minimized. "Minimize server window(s)" minimizes a server's window to the taskbar. "Hide server window(s)" hides the window of a dedicated server entirely. When more than one dedicated server is selected the chosen action is performed on all servers selected.
  • The tooltip for the Peer2Peer network mode in the server configuration dialog window contained false information. Now the tooltip only displays what's in Descent 3's manual.
  • D3Server3's minor version number has been changed from 0 to 1. Since the main window's title displays major and minor version numbers, the window title of D3Server3's main window is affected by this change. This should be taken into consideration when AutoIt or similar tools are used to identify and/or control the software or its main window.
  • Tooltips for the team options dialog window added. I took this opportunity to also make the dialog window a bit nicer by inserting a bitmap.
  • The configuration window for the remote console and logging options now has an (ugly) bitmap too.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 October 2014 13:15
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