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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Global options
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows
Written by Thomas   
Saturday, 03 October 2009 21:13


This will be the online help page for D3Server's global options dialog window. Work in progress in FrenGlish by Mzero. "???" when Mzero doesnt know.


Auto launch new servers at program start. All servers with "Enable this server for autolaunch at startup" ticked in their server configuration window will start when the servertool is started. Servers that were running when D3Server3 was stopped with the button "Exit" are still running. To avoid starting them up again, stop the servertool with the button "Stop & Exit" instead.

Start servers minimized. Servers are minimized in the task bar when started. If not ticked, they start as normal windows, you can see their console.

Auto restart servers and Auto restart time. When ticked, servers will automatically restart after the given time period. In one hand, if the server restarts just at the time players are about to kill the Hellion in Retribution level 15, it is not nice. On the other hand, restarting servers from time to time is recommended to (try to) avoid Descent 3 bugs and players disconnections.

Enable PXO detection. Do not tick. What for? is down since ages.


d3_pxo_loginNo way. Parallax on line site is down.

Switch servers to TCP/IP on PXO downtimes. Tick. PXO is always down.

Auto choose server ports. ???

Check for software updates and Automatically download and install updates. Tick both. The software will check for updates at start, then every 12 hours. This wont stop the servers. Have a look here for more informations about D3Server3 automatic updates.

Button Anti cheating/personna non grata options. Some options to block IP addresses/ranges and pilot nicknames. See here for more detailled explanations on how it works.

Max. players in all servers. Note that this function is not implemented yet in the D3Server3. Restrict the maximum amount of all players that can be in all servers at the same time.

Use Logtext DLL for global event log. Tells the server tool to look for and use the direct link library (DLL) logtext.dll. Logtext provides extensive data logging options controlled by a configurable Windows ini file, like automatic log file rotation, compression, and deletion. The behaviour of Logtext is controlled by the file "logtext.ini" in the folder where D3Server3 has been installed. The distribution package of the server tool is shipped with a preconfigured version of this file. The standard settings store the servertool output in a weekly file.

Alternate server IP. ???

Base server port. Lowest UDP port number. Choose a port number different from 2092 because this port is used by the game Descent 3 when you play (client). Choose a number different from 2093 if you use Vortex. Use any other port number. Dont forget to open the port you define here in your router.

Default packets/second. Number of UDP packets sent by the server to the players in one second (PPS). Should be between 9 and 20.

Default frames/second. Number of frames calculated by the server machine per second (FPS). 0 = No limit.

Default max. players. Restricts the maximum amount of players that can be in each server at the same time.

Default time limit (min). The maximum time your servers will hold a level without restarting. 0 = No time limit.

Default kills goal. Default required kills in a game. 0 = No limit.

Base remote console port. Lowest TCP port number for servers remote consoles.

Default remote password. Default password for servers remote consoles.

PXO username and PXO password. PXO does not exist any more. You can leave those fields blank.

Region  for gametracker. Default region code for game trackers. Select your region.

Email adress. This adress was used for a game tracker at Since is down, this adress wont be used.

Default msg. of the day. Enter a message. This message will be displayed on players screen when they join one of your servers.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 November 2010 22:02
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