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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Automatic updates
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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Automatic updates
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows
Written by Thomas   
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 19:19
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The server tool D3Server3 can check for newer versions of the software.

The update function can be enabled or disabled in the Global Options or in the ini file D3Server3.ini (see below).



When the configuration option Check for software updates is on (ticked), D3Server3 visits a web page shortly after the program has been started, and then every 12 hours again.

The web page it visits to check for updates is the page with the release notes, in particular the first few tokens on that page.

If a newer version is available, the software creates appropriate entries in the event log list and changes the title bar accordingly to let you know about the available update. The entries in the event log list contain the new version number, the update's release date, and some new features and/or changes.

To make you aware of an available new version, D3Server3 also changes its window title bar. This is so you can't overlook it accidentally.

It is recommended that the option Automatically download and install updates is swiched on, too.

If Automatically download and install updates is turned on, you don't have to bother with new versions anymore. After the server tool found that a new version is available, it automatically downloads this new version, closes itself, installs the update, and then starts again.

This is probably the most convenient way of staying up-to-date with your Descent 3 server tool for Windows.


If the Windows firewall is active on your system, D3Server3 requires to be added to its exception list in order for the update functions to work, which is something D3Server3*s installation program can do for you. If your are using any other software or hardware firewall, either on your computer or in a separate router/modem, you'll need to do this yourself. D3Server3's installation program can only configure the Windows firewall but no external software or hardware firewall. The software cannot access its update page and check for newer versions while it is being blocked by a firewall.

When D3Server3 tries to visit the update page, software firewalls usually ask for your permission to allow or deny access. Make sure you explicitely allow the server tool to access the update page.

There shouldn't be any issues with hardware firewalls like in external routers or modems since the update page is a normal internet web page. Accessing internet web pages is allowed in most external firewalls/routers by default.


If you are behind a router hardware firewall, your Descent 3 servers will require special treatment. You need to allow the "outside world" to access them. The article Hosting Descent 3 Game Servers can probably give you some hints on how to configure a router correctly for other players to be able to see and join your games.


With more recent versions of D3Server3 the update functions (check and automatic download) are controlled with entries in the D3Server3.ini file. It had turned out that it is almost impossible to change the settings in the global options dialog window before the software had already checked and optionally downloaded a new version. The ini file can be changed with an external editor before D3Server3 is started up. It is highly recommended that you do not use Notepad for this purpose as it doesn't notice when the file is changed by the server tool. Use a smarter editor like Notepad ++ or similar instead. These are the three entries in D3Server3.ini that are responsible for the update functions:

  1. [GlobalOptions]
  2. CheckForUpdates=1
  3. DownloadAndInstallUpdates=1
  4. DownloadAndInstallBetas=1

File D3Server3.ini - entries for the automatic update functions


Set CheckForUpdates to 0 (CheckForUpdates=0) to disable checking for updates. The installation program creates this key and sets it to 1 (check for updates) after an update.

DownloadAndInstallUpdates=0 disables downloading and installing new versions. The installation program of D3Server3 does not change the value of this configuration key.

DownloadAndInstallBetas decides if beta versions of D3Server3 will be downloaded and installed. This key is generated by the installation program of more recent versions and set to 0 (DownloadAndInstallBetas=0) by default. This setting cannot be changed with D3Server3's user interface.


Last Updated on Thursday, 07 November 2013 04:50
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