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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Profanity monitor
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Home Descent 3 Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows Profanity monitor
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Descent 3 - Descent 3 dedicated server tool for Windows
Written by Thomas   
Friday, 21 December 2012 10:39


Beginning with version 3.1.3 D3Server3 can serve as a profanity monitor to hosted dedicated Descent 3 servers.

When players "chat", i.e. send messages with the F8 key inside a game D3Server3 checks the texts against a profanity word list. If a word is found to be in the list the tool can perform one or more predefined actions.

Before the profanity monitor of D3Server3 can be used all output of the dedicated server must be logged. This can be turned on in the Console and Logging dialog window within the configuration of a server.


Make sure Log all output is ticked for the profanity monitor to work. This setting tells D3Server3 to look at everything players type inside a game. If it is off the tool cannot monitor players' in-game messages. In fact, it's usually a good idea to tick all the logging options of a server. That's the only way to find out later what happened. Note that it might be illegal in your country to log player names and IP addresses. It is your responsibility to check its legality before you switch this setting on.

The profanity monitor can only be turned on globally. This means you cannot use the monitor for one server but not for another one. The workaround is to simply turn off Log all output in the server's configuration for whch you don't want the profanity filter to be applied to.

The monitor itself can be activated or deactivated inside the configuration file D3Server3.ini. The file resides within the same directory as the server tool's executable file D3Server3.exe.

In the section [GlobalOptions] are several keys in regards to the profanity monitor. Probably the most obvious one is UseProfanityFilter=1. This turns the monitor (or filter) on. Set this key to 0 to deactivate the profanity filter.

The key ProfanityThreshold decides how often players are allowed to use bad language. The default value is 10 (ProfanityThreshold=10), which basically means that the filter only discloses itself as being present. Set this to a value of 3 or 4 to provide an effective filter.

The last key (ProfanityAction) configures the action(s) to be performed when a player's threshold has been reached or exceeded. It is probably important to know that the threshold is not the maximum amount of bad words used allowed but that the action in ProfanityAction is performed as soon as the value has been reached.

Four different types of actions are currently supported: KICK, BAN, NONE, and EVENT.

ProfanityAction=KICK kicks the player who used profanity. ProfanityAction=BAN bans the player from the server. ProfanityAction=NONE takes no action at all. ProfanityAction=EVENT triggers the event OnPlayerProfanityThreshold.

ProfanityAction can contain more than just one action. If more than one action is specified they must be separated by a single blank character (" "). For example, "ProfanityAction=KICK BAN EVENT" (without the double quotation marks) would first kick the player, then ban them after about 2 seconds, and finally create the event OnPlayerProfanityThreshold. Note that the key ProfanityAction is not meant to be an action list, and therefore doesn't work like one. "ProfanityAction=KICK BAN EVENT EVENT" would not create two events because duplicated actions are treated like a single action, and the order the actions are performed is fixed too, independent of the order the actions appear in the key. If KICK is given, this is the first action D3Server3 takes. The next one is then BAN, if provided, and EVENT finally creates the event OnPlayerProfanityThreshold.

The actions (KICK, BAN, and EVENT) are not case-sensitive. This means you can also use kick, ban, none, or  event instead of the upper-case spelling.

The counter and the threshold stick with the currently running game. This means if a player gets kicked and then joins again the counter still holds its value. Only a server restart resets all players' counters.

Note that whenever profanity is used by a player the event OnPlayerUsedProfanity is triggered. This event cannot be suppressed. If you don't want this event to occur make sure you don't have an event hanlder for it in the ServerEvents.ini file.

The profanity monitor is word-sensitive. Profanity cannot be found if it is part of another word. The word "jerk" cannot be found when "jerky" has been typed by a player. The filter also supports profanity that consists of two or more words. "jack ass" and "ass" are two different words.

It is not recommended to alter the file ProfanityList.txt. The words in this list are sorted alphabetically and each line is terminated by an LF (line feed, ASCII 10) only. This means that the file is in the Unix text file format. Inserting a word without sorting the list again would break the filter function as it uses a binary search to find the words. New versions of the profanity list are shipped with new versions of D3Server3. It is recommended to configure the tool to automatically check for updates and also download and install them automatically.

Since D3Server3 cannot see (or read) what players send to each other privately it can also not monitor these messages. The filter only works with messages sent to all players in the game.



Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 May 2013 17:27
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