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Site Support - General information
Written by Thomas   
Monday, 31 May 2010 17:37



Here at Dateiliste, we take privacy serious. Yours as well as ours.


Rest assured that we hate spam (UBE/UCE) as much as you do.


The registration process requires you to provide a valid email address. To protect ourselves from getting spammed, we do not accept so-called disposable email addresses.


To protect you from getting spammed, we make sure your email address is safe with us.

You will not:

  • Receive any newsletters or similar "very important information" from Dateiliste. We don't even have anything distantly related to a service like that. Smile
  • Receive any newsletters or similar "very important information" from some other institution we forwarded your email address to. That's down to the fact that we do not pass on any of the information you provided us with, including your email address. Smile (Actually, we wouldn't even know where to pass this information on to gain some benefits from it.) Smile


Unlike at other sites, at Dateiliste you can change all your details at any time yourself. This includes your name, username, and email address.

There's one exception, though. If you applied for the download of our Descent 3 installer, our admins will put a short note in your profile on whether you have your own Descent 3 license or not. Neither you nor any other user can see this note. The note either says "GOG version", "Own CDs", or "One of XY's licenses". This is to avoid trouble with possible copyright infringement, which we certainly don't want to commit. The text is based on what you told Descent when you applied for the download. If you'd like to know what it currently says, or if you'd like to have that note changed, please contact Descent (requires registration) again.


Other users cannot see your email address as you cannot see the email addresses of other users. In case an email spam bot or human spammer manages to register, there's nothing for it to gain. (I'll leave that "it" in even for the human part, because that's what fits in my opinion for a human spammer too.)

If you would like to send an email to other users, ask them for their email address. If you'd like to be contacted via email from other users, send them a message with your email address.


Some services at Dateiliste may or may not trigger notification emails being sent to your email address. You can adjust their behaviour to match your preferences.


Other users can send you private messages. By default, if you receive a message, the system sends out a notification email to your email address if you're not logged on in this moment to inform you that a message has arrived for you. You can change this behaviour under Your Messages to disable these notifications, if you like.

You can also block other users from sending you private messages in case you think they start getting annoying. You can do so in Your Messages. We'd like to ask you to report spammers and anything illegal or inappropriate to the admins.


When you participate in the forum. the default setting is that you're subscribed to the topic automatically after you placed a post. This means that you receive a notification email when someone replies to one of your subscribed topics. You can unsubscribe from this or from all topics in Your Details as well as directly in the forum, if you don't want to be notified when someone replies to your posts. You can also subsribe again in the forum in case you change your mind later.


Last Updated on Monday, 05 July 2010 17:36
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