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Home Blogs D3Server3 version released
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D3Server3 version released Envoyer
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Écrit par Thomas   
Samedi, 11 Octobre 2014 13:47


Almost exactly 5 months after the last release of D3Server3 a new version is available again. Lots of bugfixes have made it into that release, and of course quite a bunch of new features.



The most obvious change is probably that PXO and the chat stuff has disappeared from the main window. It's been replaced by some more useful information regarding the tool's CPU usage as well as the same for dedicated servers.



Of the many changes (see the complete list in the release notes) there's three that seem to be particularly important.


  1. Previous versions had a bug that could make the application freeze.
  2. The server control panel has been extended.
  3. The tool now contains a hard-coded list with default game trackers. Note that Gamespy is down and the default list provides some alternatives.


Download D3Server3




To perform an update if automatic updates are switched off in the global options, follow these instructions:

Download the installation program (Download D3Server3) and save it into the folder where the current version of D3Server3.exe resides, then run the installer. There's no need to close D3Server3. The installation program takes care of this. Even if the server tool is running as a Windows service, the installer is going to shut down the service, perform the update, and then start the service again. The entire process won't take more than a minute or two, and there's also no need to stop running dedicated Descent 3 servers.


Due to the freeze bug in previous versions the update is highly recommended.



Useful links:

D3Server3 release notes

Download D3Server3

D3Server3 home

Processing game server statistics

D3Server3 version released (ServerOPs forum)

Default game trackers in D3Server3 (ServerOPs forum)



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D3Server3 version released
Jan 26 2016 11:23:22
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Re: D3Server3 version released
Nov 04 2015 08:27:41
Which version did you install or how have you installed it?

In case you just copied the backup folder in, this is probably the issue.

Or is it the installer from Dateiliste?
D3Server3 version released
Oct 31 2015 20:02:43
Hello, have meanwhile installed Win10 and it seems that descent3 is not running with it. The intro is running okay but when you click "New game" it shows a screenshot of the folder where the game is stored but in a resolution of lets say 400x600 and the cursor cannot be moved.
Is there any advice or help?
Re: D3Server3 version released
Aug 14 2015 09:13:27
Yes, thanks, and a free block.
Re: D3Server3 version released
Aug 14 2015 08:00:54
Thomas wrote:
** This thread discusses the content article: D3Server3 version released **

Looks like TomSmith wants free advertising
D3Server3 version released
Aug 11 2015 11:45:12
D3Server3 , a good version update !! check this one
(Link removed)